Maadwoaah To Tap Into The Global Market With “Salvation Reign” Song

Maadwoaah To Tap Into The Global Market With “Salvation Reign” Song: Over the past few years, Ghana’s contemporary gospel scenes have seen the emergence of some dynamic young performers.

These fiery performers are elevating Ghanaian modern gospel music to a whole new level.

They attract a whole new following by fusing their deep spirituality with music.

The most notable of these exciting new performers is Mary Anoah, a Ghanaian gospel singer based in the United States. Known professionally as Maadwoaah, she is a dominant force in the gospel diaspora and is poised to blow people’s minds and the minds of Ghanaians and the rest of the world with her upcoming song, “Salvation Reign.”

Undoubtedly, Maadwoaah’s steady output of fervent, spirit-filled gospel songs has helped her grow into a household name throughout Ghana’s music industry.

There will be no space for debate regarding how contentious “Salvation Reign” may seem to the traditional, religious, and self-righteous minds since it is certain to be more than just any song—rather, it will be a song charged with the electrifying power of the Holy Ghost to transform and deliver.

Many people who will have the chance to listen to Maadwoaah’s new song, “Salvation Reign,” will find themselves singing along and feeling moved to tears of adoration.

Maadwoaah has been blessing Ghanaians with some unforgettable gospel songs for some time now, and it’s safe to say that she’s ready to drop another bomb for fans of the genre.

On February 17, the song would be accessible through a number of internet music retailers.

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