Paa Kwesi Moses alias “Sekondi Moses” Threatens To Unseat Lawyer Andrew Egyapa Mercer

Benjamin Paa Kwesi Moses, also known as “Sekondi Moses,” a former deputy of the Western Regional Organiser, has expressed his intention to run in the next parliamentary primaries in the Sekondi Constituency of the Western Region. He thinks it’s past time for delegates to think about electing new leaders who would reform the constituency.

Paa Kwesi Moses is expecting to pick his nomination forms as soon as the New Patriotic Party (NPP) opens nomination. He is the only person yet, threatening to unseat the incumbent Member of Parliament for the area, Andrew Egyapa Mercer. From every indication, Egyapa Mercer will be picking a nomination form to contest for the third time with hopes of being retain.

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Speaking in an interview on Takoradi-based radio station, Connect FM, Paa Kwesi Moses said the constituency is lagging in terms of development with several other infrastructure wasting away. He mentioned the Center for National Culture as one of such infrastructure wasting away because of neglect.

“Sekondi is not lost, we shall rescue it for the greatness it deserves,” he stated.

Paa Kwesi Moses promised to embark on an aggressive tourism drive that will transform Sekondi as a preferred tourist destination in Ghana. Above all, he’s promised to invest in the human capital, particularly in vocational areas to create jobs and wealth.

The young politician had served the NPP in various capacities, in the early 2000’s as a polling station executive, and then became a constituency driver. He has also served as a Member of the Communications team before he was appointed as a Deputy Western Regional Youth Organiser.

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