England Scholarships 2023 – Admissions Open to Study for free in Britain

England Scholarships 2023 – Admissions Open to Study for free in Britain: Online applications for the fully-funded England Scholarships 2023–2024 are currently being accepted at all English universities, which are accepting applications for admission in a range of degree programs and subjects.

Every student’s desire is to study in England. The majority of the world’s best universities and institutions are located in England. Higher education institutions in England are known for their world-class research, and they recruit more than a million students annually. The most sought-after universities in England include those like Oxford University, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, and the University of Manchester.

Many domestic and foreign students enrolling in different degree programs each year in England get scholarships or financial help from English universities, the country’s federal and local governments, and the department of education in England. All of the scholarships that are offered to students in England this year are listed here.

The cost of living for students in England in 2023
Large cities and lush countryside may be found in England, providing beautiful scenery, music festivals, excellent food, and wonderful companionship. London is the most costly city to live in, with living prices varying from city to city. For living expenditures, you should budget around £500, not including rent. Within a same city, rent costs might fluctuate significantly amongst neighborhoods.

For instance, a one-bedroom apartment in the center of Manchester may set you back more than 700 GBP, while an apartment in the center of London can set you back more than 1500 GBP. If you decide to reside in a modest neighborhood, this cost might decrease significantly.

While they are in England on a study visa, students are permitted to work up to 20 hours a week in a part-time capacity. When classes are not in session or during a semester break, they are also permitted to work full-time.

For example, a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of London will cost you more than 1500 GBP and a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Manchester can cost you more than 700 GBP. This cost can go down to a great degree if you choose to live in a modest neighborhood.

The students can work part-time while they are on a study visa in England which is up to 20 hours a week. They are also allowed to work full-time when they are on a semester break or when the session is off.

England IELTS Requirement and Working on a Study Visa in England
IELTS is mandatory for applicants from non-native English-speaking countries. The language of instruction at all England-based Universities is English. Therefore, IELTS, PTE, CAE, CAEL, TOEFL, Cambridge English tests, and Duolingo tests are accepted by most UK Universities. Some British universities waive the requirement of IELTS if:

Your English score in High School Examination was more than satisfactory.
If your previous institution used English as a primary medium of instruction.
If you prove, via an online interview, your English language proficiency.

Fully-funded Scholarships in England in 2023-2024
As it is quite expensive to study in England, the English government and universities/colleges offer a lot of scholarships to local and international students. These scholarships are usually offered to students with impressive academic records but a lot of them are also reserved for underprivileged students.

1. University of Surrey Scholarships:
The scholarships at the University of Surrey are offered to all applicants. The most common scholarships at the University of Surrey are; the International excellence award, care leaver, and estranged student bursary, undergraduate scholarships, discounts on surrey graduates, linguistics and language scholarships, and many more.

The Surrey Business School at the University of Surrey also awards female MBA students with tuition fee waivers. These female students can be from all over the world. The scholarship award is meant to cover the tuition fee of the awardees from 10% to 50%. There is no need to apply separately for the scholarship as all the newly enrolled students in the MBA program are automatically considered for the scholarship. You can check more scholarships here.

2. Cambridge University Scholarships:
These prestigious scholarships offered by the University of Cambridge are highly competitive and the most sought-after. Offered to international students to study a postgraduate program (master’s and Ph.D., full-time) at the University of Cambridge, this scholarship covers the full cost of study of the awardees.

The scholarship offers a tuition fee waiver, maintenance allowance, and cost of travel (to and from home country as well as travel costs for the purpose of study or research). Some additional allowances given on a case-to-case basis are; an academic allowance for the development of students, a fieldwork allowance, and some stipend or grant for supporting the family.

3. University of Oxford Scholarships:
The scholarship program at the University of Oxford with the name Clarendon Fund gives out 140 scholarships every year. These are awarded on the basis of merit in all the streams at the graduate level.

For full-time studies, the students will receive a generous grant of around 15000 GBP in terms of living costs. For part-time Doctor of Philosophy students, this can go down to 2500 GBP. For part-time master’s students, this will be around 5000 GBP. This amount will go toward other non-tuition study expenses of the students.

4. University of West London Scholarships:
The University of West London, one of the most competitive institutions in the UK also offers a number of scholarships every year. This particular scholarship, with the name of the International Ambassador Scholarship, is awarded to 100 students every year.

The scholarship at the University of West London is offered to non-EU students and gives a 5000 GBP waiver in tuition fees for the first year of the program. It is open for deserving international students enrolled in an under or post-graduate program at the University of West London.

5. Scholarships at the University of Bristol:
The University of Bristol has spent £500,000 on its scholarship scheme with the name Think Big. It is offered to outstanding international students on the undergraduate and postgraduate levels (a one-year full-time program). The undergraduate grantees will get awards of £5,000 and £10,000. The postgraduate awardees will get an award of £5,000, £10,000, or £20,000. The awards will be used in waiving the tuition fee of the awardees.

6. Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships:
These scholarships are aimed at outstanding international students of developing countries of the British Commonwealth (see the list of eligible countries from the scholarship’s official website). The Commonwealth scholarship offers a yearly air travel allowance to and from the UK, a tuition fee waiver, an examination fee stipend, a grant for thesis expenses (to those applicable), and an initial allowance at the time of arrival.

Remember that some specific UK universities are affiliated with this scholarship and a handful of subject streams are eligible. So, be sure to apply to a university and program that the Commonwealth scholarship supports.

7. British Chevening Scholarships:
Number one on the list is the British Chevening Scholarships offered by the government of the UK. These scholarships are aimed at international students to study a master’s program at any of the universities in the UK. The number of scholarships awarded every year is around 1500.

The scholarship value covers tuition fees, gives a monthly living allowance, and a round trip and airfare to and from the UK. Some other petty educational expenses are also covered by this grant but that depends upon the type of your study program and the value of the scholarship awarded to you (for example an allowance for thesis expenses will only be given to students who have a thesis to submit in the first place).

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