Fully-funded Estonia Scholarships 2023: Study for free in Estonia!

Fully-funded Estonia Scholarships 2023: Study for free in Estonia!: Prepare your paperwork so that you may apply for the fully-funded Estonia Scholarships for the 2023–2024 academic year and perhaps win a free education at an Estonian university.

Thus, you have arrived to the perfect spot if you are still unsure about where to pursue your further education. Northern European nation of Estonia contains everything you might ever need. It is stunning, safe, cutting edge in terms of technology (the first Skype programmers were from Estonia, after all), and well-known within the HE world.

Estonia is the sort of nation that encourages students with promising concepts for online businesses. Prominent technology advancements and startups, such as Skype, TransferWise, Fortumo e-health, e-parking, and so on, are based in Estonia.

Let’s read this article to find out more about Estonia’s educational system and the scholarships that are offered.

The Medium of Instruction and the Requirement of IELTS in Estonia:
The large selection of English-language programs available is one benefit of studying in Estonia. English-taught programs are the top choice for international students studying in Estonian institutions, which offer programs in both Estonian and English. Pupils whose mother tongue is not English must demonstrate their language ability using any of the recognized standardized assessments.

Even so, you won’t need to take the TOEFL or IELTS to gain admission to one of Estonia’s best universities. Students who can demonstrate that they completed their upper secondary school only in English are also admitted to some universities. Many colleges provide their own language competency exams, which are neither as difficult nor costly as the TOEFL or IELTS.

Universities also tend to accept students with low scores in language tests giving them the chance to learn the language along the way.

Cost of Living in Estonia:
The cost of living in Estonia is generally regarded as high. For foreign students and expats, the cost may be considerably higher. To maintain a respectable standard of living in Estonia, an individual must earn above 1,400 EUR per month. Along with being the priciest nation in all of Eastern Europe is also this one.

Studying and Working part-time in Estonia:
The fact that students may work part-time in Estonia without needing a work visa is another benefit of selecting the country for their studies. All that is required of students is that their work not get in the way of their academics. The amount of hours a student can work in a day or a week is likewise unrestricted. Therefore, even if living in Estonia is costly, part-time employment can help to defray a large portion of the expense.

Top Universities of Estonia:
University of Tartu and Tallinn University of Technology (TUT) of Estonia have been featured in the QS World University Rankings. The degrees and the diplomas offered here have high credibility in the international market. Some other notable institutions of Estonia are the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Tallinn University.

2023 Scholarships in Estonia:
The government of Estonia and its universities are eager to draw in talent from abroad. For this reason, a number of Estonian scholarships are only open to students from other countries. Let us examine them.

1. Ph.D. Scholarships at Tallinn University of Technology:
The Ph.D. positions at the Tallinn University of Technology are open for applications. These positions are fully funded and are open for international candidates as well. Students applying must have a master’s degree in mathematics, physics, or any other related field and should have a sound knowledge of numerical methods and differential equations.

2. University of Tartu Scholarships:
These Estonian scholarships at the University of Tartu are available at the Ph.D. level. The field of study is geography and international students are welcomed to apply. The scholarship winners will get a tuition fee waiver and a monthly payment of 660 EUR + a performance stipend of 400 EUR. In total the recipients will get 1060 EUR in terms of monthly stipend which will help them cover their living costs in Estonia. The applying candidates must have a master’s in geoinformatics, earth sciences, GI sciences, or any other related fields.

3. Scholarships by the Government of Estonia:
The Estonian Government scholarships are for short-term training programs offered at Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, Estonian Academy of Arts, and the University of Tartu. The scholarship will reimburse the tuition fee of the course in the part which is 500 EUR. It will also give 25 EUR a day to recipients to pay off their living expenses to some degree.

The courses offered at these universities are in a wide variety of subject areas like Estonian language, cybersecurity, game development, Nordic culture, robotics, 3D printing, graphic design, architecture, etc.

4. National Scholarship Program of Estonia:
The National Scholarship Program of Estonia offers scholarships at the master’s level. It is sponsored by the Estonian government and is meant for international students, teachers, and researchers. It can be taken up in one of the higher educational institutions of Estonia. The scholarship will give out a monthly stipend of 350 EUR a month. No other costs, such as tuition, healthcare, or accommodation will be compensated. Applicants will be assessed on their academic record and grip on the English language.

5. Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre Scholarships:
The scholarships by the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre are being awarded to bachelor’s and master’s students. The scholarship will cover the tuition fee of up to 50%. Another scholarship, with the name, Dora scholarship offers a monthly stipend to MA students for one year. The amount of the stipend is 350 EUR a month which will be given for a full academic year (September to June).

6. Estonian Institute Research Awards:
The Estonian Institute is awarding scholarships to master’s, doctorate, and post-doctorate students. The recipients are supposed to write a research paper about a topic related to Estonia. The scholarship can cover the recipient’s research costs, tuition expenses, and living costs. It is only open to those foreign students who are interested in researching and writing about Estonian culture, language, and civilization. The recipients will get 500 EUR a month for living expenses along with a grant for traveling abroad for research purposes.

7. Tallinn University Scholarships
Tallinn University Scholarships 2023-2024 batch is now open for online applications for all international, national, and quota-based students. and the Estonian government has initiated various scholarship schemes in order to support international students who are interested in studying or are already studying at Tallinn University. Please choose a suitable section according to your study interest and background.

As an Estonian university, Tallinn University offers and develops education and research primarily in the Estonian and English language and based on Estonia’s needs. Given the developments in higher education, globalization also plays a major role.

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