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Joyce Blessing To Marry Obaapa Christy’s Son After Bitter Divorce

Joyce Blessing To Marry Obaapa Christy's Son

It seems that a new marriage with a gospel theme will soon take place in Ghana’s entertainment industry. The son of Obaapa Christy announced his upcoming marriage to Joyce Blessing on social media. People were actually taken aback to see that on social media since they had not anticipated anything similar to occur.

Some believe that because gospel music is so popular, it incites hostility between individuals. Gospel artists who share the gospel with us should be role models for others, even if this is nothing new.

Netizens think that something like this will unite people and foster love amongst them. It’ s encouraging to learn this since Joyce Blessing’ s marriage to her husband ended in divorce. I think you recall the ordeal Joyce Blessing went through when the news of her divorce went viral.

Greg shared a snapshot of Joyce Blessing and him on his Tiktok account, posing for a pre-wedding photograph.

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