Reason why Kuami Eugene sacked his house help Mary pops up

In an unexpected turn of events, the award-winning Ghanaian artist Kuami Eugene’s former house help, Mary, recently disclosed the reason behind her dismissal from her role. The dismissal allegedly occurred due to her returning late from an errand assigned by a friend of the popular Ghanaian musician.

Mary, who had been serving as a house help for the ‘Monica’ hitmaker, shared her side of the story, stating, ” He sacked me because I returned late from an errand. “According to her, the incident unfolded after she was sent on an errand by a female acquaintance of Kuami Eugene. Unfortunately, Mary found herself arriving home later than expected on that particular day.

When questioned about the tardiness, Mary explained the circumstances to Kuami Eugene, but it seems the explanation didn’t prevent her termination from the job. The details surrounding the errand and the extent of the delay remain undisclosed, leaving room for speculation about the severity of the situation.

Mary expressed her perspective on the matter, revealing, ” I got home late that day. He asked me why I returned late, and I explained to him. ” The simplicity of her explanation raises questions about the leniency or strictness of the musician as an employer.

It’s noteworthy that Mary disclosed she was receiving a monthly salary ranging between Gh400- Gh600 during her employment with Kuami Eugene. This financial aspect adds a layer of consideration to the incident, as the termination potentially had broader implications for Mary beyond the immediate loss of her job.

Without a doubt, Mary’s sack was one that Ghanaians least expected as the award-winning artist Kuami Eugene and his house help are best of friends.

Meanwhile, the famous Ghanaian artist Kuami Eugene is yet to narrate his side of the story.

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